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GEECL AIM Stock Price Page
GEECL Company Website

PR Newswire - Sales of GEECL Gas Commence
India begins tapping gas from Coal Bed
India gets its first CBM based CNG station
GE Energy to invest Rs 3000 cr in CBM exploration by 2013
GEECL to invest Rs 3k cr in CBM exploration
GEECL to invest Rs 3,000 crore
India gets its first CBM based CNG station
Great Eastern Begins Industrial Sales Of CBM And CNG For Vehicles In And Around Asansol, West Bengal, India [GEEC.L]
Great Eastern Energy says starts sale CBM and CNG in India
Great Eastern Energy Corporation Ltd. : Sales of Gas Commence
GEECL : Sales of Gas Commence
Great Eastern Energy : Gas Sales Commence
GEECL's First Natural Gas Pipeline commissioned in West Bengal
Great Eastern Energy to raise Rs 700 crore

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